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When the truth's a lie
The lie is greater

Danish-born, London-based singer/songwriter Jakob The Liar AKA Jakob Kupferberg knows what it’s like to come by joy the hard way.


Deriving his stage alter ego from the titular character of Jurek Becker’s book Jacob The Liar—set in a Jewish ghetto during WWII and later made into a film starring Robin Williams—Kupferberg’s distinct blend of folk, pop and rock encompasses the extremes of the human experience.


“Don’t worry,” Jakob’s music seems to say, “all the turmoil around us is actually getting us to where we need to go.” Jakob paints vivid pictures of the stable, more humane world that just might be waiting for us on the other side of our struggles.


There’s a saying that goes: when you don’t hear what the universe is trying to tell you, the message will only get louder until you can’t ignore it anymore.


Similar to those radio broadcasts made by the character on which his alter ego is loosely based, he hopes that his music might help you get the message sooner rather than later.



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